Sarah Gourlie

Brand Experience Strategist & Salsa Dancer

Sarah Gourlie

Not nearly fazed by the looming 2012 apocalypse, Sarah Elizabeth Gourlie joined the Jozi QuirkStation as a Project Manager and then moved on to experience even more. She is now the Brand Experience Strategist within the Think team, combining the disciplines of User experience design with the marketing world, to map and enhance strategies to include beautiful brand experiences.

With a BCom Honours from Wits, you wouldn’t expect that straight-laced Sarah used to do belly dancing in professional shows, would you?! Now that she’s working – she aligns her chi doing yoga or goes out salsa dancing with friends.

Sarah’s inspired by the measurability and visibility of the digital world and enjoys spending time on the more highbrow sites like Seth Godin,, Leader, Mashable and of course, Pinterest. Caring, understanding and unconventional, Sarah will tell you that red’s always been her favourite colour in the crayon box; the colour of love, passion and cherries. Yum! She may claim her pet peeve is wasted time but we all know about her ICanHasCheezBurger addiction. Explain that one!?

“Life is a school, everything and everyone is a teacher.”