Georgina Armstrong

Head of Analytics & PerkyLlama

Georgina Armstrong

Georgina  Armstrong joined Quirk Cape Town in November 2011. After escaping her posh private school, she vowed to start life anew, applying her acerbic wit, unique insights and unparalleled cake-baking skills towards the greater good. Her degree in Business Science (Finance) coupled with her MBA from UCT and NYU makes her the perfect addition to the tea-swilling Quirk Optimise ensemble.

Gaming and tech culture play a major role in Georgina's life: while some may only occasionally poke their head through the door to observe the latest trends, she's already living digital with gusto and aplomb. There's no plan to stop this anytime soon. MacGyver is her hero and her other interests include dachshunds, cast-iron teapots and piloting ships larger than the Titanic. When she’s not kicking ass at real-time-strategy games, she's appeasing a certain guilty habit (cough, Bejewelled, cough).

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“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.”

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