A Case Study - PPC to the rescue

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In Chapter 6, PPC - you gets what you pays for; we introduced Pay Per Click; its bidding procedures, testing and strategies. This week we examine a case study to help you consolidate your knowledge. This case study focuses on how implementing a PPC campaign increased Southern Sun's conversion rate by 125%!

The Problem

Southern Sun launched their new website in May 2006. The changes included an updated look and feel, a greater quantity and quality of information, and better booking functionality. As often happens with an unplanned site relaunch, Southern Sun lost all of the previously good organic search engine rankings. A new website needs time to climb up the search engine rankings, and it can take a minimum of three months before it starts receiving organic traffic.

Southern Sun could potentially have lost out on bookings because of the decrease in organic traffic. Therefore, they required a way of ensuring that their site:

  • Continued to receive a steady flow of bookings despite temporarily poor organic rankings
  • Received enough traffic to analyse user behaviour & responses
  • Received enough traffic to generate trust from search engines and climb up the SERP's as fast as possible

With the new site, Southern Sun hoped to increase the number of bookings made online, and tap into the international tourist and business travel market. This meant they needed to migrate a significant amount of their offline promotions and special offers to their website in such a way as to attract a favourable online response.

The Solution

Quirk set up a PPC campaign for Southern Sun with the intention of:

  • Sending traffic to the site
  • Attracting international traffic
  • Split-testing campaigns


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