Quirk Education launches a course in Web Analytics

Quirk Education is proud to announce the launch of a specialised Web Analytics and Conversion Optimisation course.

Aimed at marketers seeking to fully maximise their return on investment, the seven-week course is crammed with vital techniques, practical know-how, case studies and insight gleaned from years of experience from within the fast-changing digital environment.

One of the biggest, if not the biggest benefit of digital marketing is that it is highly measurable, allowing marketers to optimise campaigns in real-time while giving customers the most relevant information.

As the first Google Analytics Certified Partner in Africa, Quirk has become the respected authority on Web Analytics.

Created in partnership with Quirk’s Analytics, Conversion Optimisation and Usability team, the Quirk Certificate Course in Web Analytics contains the experience, practical application and understanding which has helped Quirk provide success for its clients.

Head of Optimise Sarah Blake has complied four editions of the acclaimed eMarketing: the essential guide to digital marketing¸ Quirk’s Optimise team are experts at leveraging Web Analytics for maximum results.

Course outline

The Quirk Certificate Course in Web Analytics will teach you how to:

  • Determine which sources, campaigns and keywords bring high quality traffic.
  • Determine what content is successful in encouraging users to convert.
  • Take action to improve your marketing efforts and website design.
  • Identify your website's goals.
  • Identify key performance indicators.

Although the course is aimed at those with an already-existing knowledge of digital marketing, the Quirk Education learning experience has been tailored for accessibility.

Real Insight, Real Results

The Quirk Certificate Course in Web Analytics focuses on actionable insights, enabling you to collect and interpret data in ways that will aid your business decisions and maximise your ROI.

Head of Courses at Quirk Education, Katharina Scholtz, said, “Analytics and conversion optimisation is a process which should underlie everything you do in digital. It allows you to measure every cent and every click for real results.”

“Understand this, and you’ll be able to fine tune your digital efforts.  If you work in marketing, you need to understand how this is done.”

Through the use of structured learning and expert advice, Quirk Education guides learners in interpreting raw data for real business needs. Students will have access to multiple real-time chat sessions, 24-hour forums and a host of education materials all available on our advanced learning platform.

For more information on Quirk Education and the specialist courses we offer, visit http://www.quirk.biz/courses/home or call +27 (0)21 462 7353.