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Quirk is now Mirum


MyQuirk is an online reporting tool developed by and unique to Quirk digital marketing. What makes this reporting tool the one to have is that you can access all of the reports from all of our services in one place. Gone are the days of logging into a host of different reporting programs to get the information you need. MyQuirk is constantly being updated to better service the needs of our customers, as the rapidly changing world of digital marketing evolves so do we!

MyQuirk Website Ranking Tool Features

Home - This is where the QuirkStars speak to you. From here you use the menu at the top of the page to access the various digital marketing services available to you, or review the recent updates and changes regarding your account below.

Account Details - This allows you to edit your account details as well as manage contact details for you account. Contacts can be modified to receive a host of information through the website.

Mailing Reports - This feature allows you to view all the information you need when it comes to your Email Marketing campaigns. It allows you to view all of your contacts (the number of subscribed individuals, geographic location and the amount of people who have unsubscribed). The mailing reports feature also allows you to view all of the emails sent as well as the number of contacts who received it.

Website Reports - This section allows you to create a log each time an interaction is made from a potential customer to your business, whether it is via phone, fax, email or your website. You can also access all of your website's stats (such as who visited your site, what pages they viewed and from which sites and search engines they originated). The website ranking tool also allows you to view the number of visitors coming to your site via organic search, PPC, CPM banners and direct searches.

Search Engine Marketing Reports - This section allows you to view a summary of your progress as far asSearch Engine Optimisation concerned. Here you can view all the keywords/ phrases we have optimised your site for, as well as where they are currently ranking on the search engines. This section also allows you to view all of the WebPR articles that have been written as well as where they have been published to. You can also view which search engines, portals and sites contain a link back to your site.

Affiliate Program - The affiliate section allows you to manage your entire Affiliate Marketing campaign from one easy to use place. Here you can view reports, stats, upload banners, pay affiliates and so much more. This system allows you to be in control of the entire process.

Email Reports - This allows you to view the count of emails received and sent to your registered email addresses. It also allows you to view quarantined email - which is usually spam or contains a virus.

Blog Manager - From here you will be able to manage your blog (add new posts, edit, monitor, manage comments etc.). Having a blog has never been this easy.

CMS Manager - If you want a content management system this is what you want. Here you can make all the changes to your website in one easy and safe place.

Feedback - this section allows you to submit your feedback or enquiries to us.

Contact us to find out more about MyQuirk or visit our digital marketing blog, GottaQuirk for more info on what we are passionate about.

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