The World's Most Redonkadonk Father Award

This coveted award was believed to have come
about when Zeus mistakenly struck a wobbly walrus
on the third Sunday of June, 9000BC.
He was playing lightning-catch with his son,
Hercules (aged 3 at the time).
Little Hercules had a good chuckle and
exclaimed: "Daddy that was redonkadonk!"

Today we celebrate the awesomeness that is you
and what you have brought to Quirk as a father.
For those late nights spent tending to a crying baby
and still coming to work on time (looking like a zombie).
For making sure you get your hours logged in time for
you to pick up your darlings from school.
Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences

with the rest of the QuirkStars so that one day, we too
can be a rad, responsible adult like you!

Happy Father's Day!