Sherril Rankin

Operations Director & The Shoe Collector

Sherril Rankin

Sherril joined the Jozi QuirkStation in May 2012. Since she studied at “the school of hard knocks”, she’s prepared for anything life may throw at her. After heading up the Traffic Department at JWT for 14+ years, she needed a new challenge. That’s when Sherril found Quirk.

Watching her kids interact with digital gave this new QuirkStar a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) so she decided to get hip-with-the-digital-shiz. In her spare time, Sherril browses through her absolute fav website, Indulgy, which she says is “filled with all things beautiful”. Speaking of beautiful, did we mention that this lady boasts an incredible collection of 1000 shoes. Yes, you read right – 1000… Shoes. OMG. Where does she keep them?!

Sherril’s also the proud owner of a beautiful house in Parys (that’s not a typo), which she frequently spends time sanding, tiling and painting. This organised yet easily excitable mum loves chocolate and is sure to keep the wheels of Quirk turning with her immense experience. Just watch out, she has eyes in the back of her head.

No expectations, no disappointments