Sam Beckbessinger

Strategy Director & Sam-I-Am

Sam Beckbessinger

Sam Beckbessinger started out her Quirk career in the Jozi QuirkStation as a Producer, in April 2010. Growing up on a farm, she idolised MacGyver and dreamt of being a unicorn, but unfortunately that dream was crushed as real life caught up with her.

After accepting her fate as a mere mortal, she went off to study at UCT where she tried her hand at just about every major on offer. Finally, she settled on English, Linguistics and Religious Studies and then went on to obtain an Honours degree in English Literature. Sam’s has always been involved in the local art and literature scene and aspires to one day become a reclusive writer who yells at neighbourhood kids.

Before joining the Jozi team, Sam was a spin-doctor (aka PR person) for various large multinationals and the Government. She says she adds Twitteroholicism (she will have to compete with Snowgoose!) to the Quirk dynamic, as well as a desire to know everything about everything. This is no surprise, as she has been described as eccentric, compassionate and eternally-curious.

She treasures her ancient Remington typewriter and her cat, Savannah (sheesh – another cat lover!). Sam says that indecisiveness is her biggest vice – she prefers to juggle a million things at once.

Sam-I-Am is an atheist Catholic Jew who occasionally immerses herself in Buddhism and sports a rather dirty mind (sorry Captain Awesome, you have competition).

“Who wants tea?”

Sam has passed the GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification)

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