Our Team

From head honchos and designers to programmers and eMarketing strategists, this quirky group consists of 237 (and rising) individuals who are passionate about marketing.

Those of you who visit often will know that this is our prank playing forum of choice. So, if one day you click on one of the profiles only to discover the Star in question is now a Yak Milker in Uzbekistan - stop, and if you listen hard enough you will hear the sound of QuirkStars laughing (all except one of course).

Rob Stokes Rob Stokes
Cricket Fanatic
Craig Raw Craig Raw
Rock Star
Nic Ray Nic Ray
Serenity Now

You You
Scott Gray Scott Gray
Gone Fishing
Grant McLachlan Grant McLachlan

Sarah Manners Sarah Manners
Emma Carpenter Emma Carpenter
Morph Fan
Grant Wright Grant Wright
Serial Killer

Jean du Plessis Jean du Plessis
Chocolate Fiend
Carlos Menezes Carlos Menezes
Yak Milker
Elmarie Koen Elmarie Koen
Accounts Poppie

Tammy Joseph Tammy Joseph
Busy Bee
Asher Jacobson Asher Jacobson
Hurricane Sandy
Ruan Smit Ruan Smit
Bargain Hunter

Greg Schneider Greg Schneider
Multi-task Man
Geoff Best Geoff Best
Rocking IT Nerd
Liam Gibbs Liam Gibbs
Pug Daddy

Justin Spratt Justin Spratt
Big Wave Fan
Jessica Barge Jessica Barge
Sweet Tooth
L-zanne Wentzel L-zanne Wentzel
Aspiring Winemaker

Andrew Allison Andrew Allison
Pop Culture Guru
Kelvin Andrews Kelvin Andrews
Coffee Devotee
Kurt Muller Kurt Muller
Sneaker Connoisseur

Juan Pierre Karstel Juan Pierre Karstel
Roger Ewing Roger Ewing
Soccer Star
Derik Nieman Derik Nieman
Guitar Hero

Lauren Bodill Lauren Bodill
Helen Leonard Helen Leonard
Half Pint
Graeme Stiles Graeme Stiles
Metal Head

Rachel Cowan Rachel Cowan
Martha Hera Martha Hera
Passion For Fashion
Nophiwe Mnqanqeni Nophiwe Mnqanqeni
Friend To All

James McKay James McKay
Passionate Ad Man
Mary Lamberti Mary Lamberti
Heart of Gold
Daphine Tshabangu Daphine Tshabangu
Family Fan

Clemens Maart Clemens Maart
Coco Pop Fan
Taya Botha Taya Botha
Zen Rockstar
Denroy Robyn Denroy Robyn

Hayden Manuel Hayden Manuel
Amanda Agulhas Amanda Agulhas
Ma Baker
Leona Plaatjies Leona Plaatjies
Twilight Fan

Gerard du Plessis Gerard du Plessis
Ocean Obsessed
Azeez Salie Azeez Salie
Sand Boy
Jason Gird Jason Gird

Lucre Van Breda Lucre Van Breda
Samantha Sampson Samantha Sampson
"Gees" Bringer
James Booth James Booth
Food Critic

Carla Fitton Carla Fitton
Cupcake Queen
Sarah Gourlie Sarah Gourlie
Salsa Dancer
Debbie Johnstone Debbie Johnstone
Pixies Fan

Kapeesh Manilal Kapeesh Manilal
I Heart Chips
Alia Vahed Alia Vahed
Third Hemisphere
Richard Nagle Richard Nagle
Jock of The Quirkveld

Anthony Chute Anthony Chute
Ladies Man
Jean Louw Jean Louw
Darren Earl Darren Earl
Sports Fanatic

Heidi Ocker Heidi Ocker
Travel Addict
Simon Lloyd Simon Lloyd
Purveyor of Fine Beers
Matt Willis Matt Willis

Adil Dante Adil Dante
Man U Fan
Karen Meyer Karen Meyer
Craig Rhodes-Harrison Craig Rhodes-Harrison

Maddy Mutati Maddy Mutati
Greatness In Training
Simbarashe Mupfukudzwa Simbarashe Mupfukudzwa
Lion King
Dikeledi Lepee Dikeledi Lepee
Avid Reader

Sanele Mthethwa Sanele Mthethwa
Richard Palmer Richard Palmer
Dragon Slayer
Stéphan Willemse Stéphan Willemse

Amanda Nixon Amanda Nixon
Marang Matlala Marang Matlala
Sifiso Sikhosana Sifiso Sikhosana

Daniel Neville Daniel Neville
The Beard
Juhan van den Heever Juhan van den Heever
Charlie Gilbert Charlie Gilbert
Gadget Man

Mark Coupar Mark Coupar
Nasreen Allie Nasreen Allie
Serious Serial Connoisseur
Fran Luckin Fran Luckin

Kelsy Reddy Kelsy Reddy
Dildaar Didi Bawa Dildaar Didi Bawa
Closet Sniper
Teryl Ann Lombard Teryl Ann Lombard
Ray of Sunshine

Alice Goodall Alice Goodall
Creative Lone Ranger
Nicole Benjamin Nicole Benjamin
Georgia Chennells Georgia Chennells

Brett Noble Brett Noble
Candice Warnasuriya Candice Warnasuriya
Mayo Obsessed
Lynn Tejada Lynn Tejada
Karaoke Star

Vera Longwe Vera Longwe
African Traveller
Morne Crous Morne Crous
Yummy Granny
Robyn Joshua Robyn Joshua
Smile Enthusiast

Alexander Pierce Alexander Pierce
Dane Snyman Dane Snyman
Purveyor of Pranks
Rosemary-Anne Kotzé Rosemary-Anne Kotzé
Hip-Hop Kitten

Stefan Mostert Stefan Mostert
Neil Vose Neil Vose
Chelsea Macnab Chelsea Macnab
Tequila Monster

Alex Burger Alex Burger
Animal Lover
Candice Manuel Candice Manuel
Hockey Ace
Clint Hendricks Clint Hendricks
Web Dependent Dancer

Kyle Marquis Kyle Marquis
The Wolf
Stephanie van Niekerk Stephanie van Niekerk
Thinking Queen
Marianna Hadzigeorgiou Marianna Hadzigeorgiou
Pinterest Junkie

Angela Whiteboy Angela Whiteboy
Muma Khumalo Muma Khumalo
Emma Davis Emma Davis
Friends’ Friend

Kate Lighton Kate Lighton
Globe-trotting Twitcher
Liezel Bessick Liezel Bessick
Sweetie Pie
MiKhyla Yentl Cupido MiKhyla Yentl Cupido
What Happens In Vegas

Ingrid Jonker Ingrid Jonker
The Baker
Wright Theunissen Wright Theunissen
Frenchie Super Fan
George Wyngaardt George Wyngaardt
The Dark Bishop

Ali Merifield Ali Merifield
A World of Experience
Kate Pitcher Kate Pitcher
Perfect shot-pourer
Moshini Ambrose Moshini Ambrose
queue-cut hater

Mri Cloete Mri Cloete
Janine May Janine May
Hart of Dixie Fanatic
Nomathamsanqa Mngomezulu Nomathamsanqa Mngomezulu
Olivia Pope groupie

Sbuyiselwe Mthembu Sbuyiselwe Mthembu
Karaoke Queen
Skhumbuzo Tuswa Skhumbuzo Tuswa
Slap Chips Connoisseur
Stephen Jonathan Sandmann Stephen Jonathan Sandmann
Spontaneous Steve

Amanda Hooft Amanda Hooft
Chiara Cachalia Chiara Cachalia
Mamta Pema Mamta Pema
Bharat Natyam

Kaya Searll Kaya Searll
Fitness Nerd
Tamica Joan Menschy Tamica Joan Menschy
Tarryn Chudleigh Tarryn Chudleigh

Marius Conradie Marius Conradie
Tech Pro
Boyd Roberts Boyd Roberts
Amica-Rose Hallendorff Amica-Rose Hallendorff
Team Player

Nyiko Moyana Nyiko Moyana
Bahar Shahidi Bahar Shahidi
Google Addict
Sophia Basckin Sophia Basckin

Lexi Dewing Lexi Dewing
Crazy Cat Lady
Reinier Rademan Reinier Rademan
Lank Lekker Ou
Annette Van Der Vyver Annette Van Der Vyver

Sharon Mokoena Sharon Mokoena
Music mogul
Sagwadi Maluleke Sagwadi Maluleke
Kraigan Reddy Kraigan Reddy
Fish fiend

Fezeka Qusheka Fezeka Qusheka
Online shopper
Anne Pao Anne Pao
Tao of Pao
Sthembiso Nkosi Sthembiso Nkosi
Wannabee Jumper

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