Maryam Samee

Specialist & Chocolate Detector

Maryam Samee

Maryam Samee joined Quirk London in September 2011, making her way into the Grad Programme as a QuirkStudling. Her hero growing up was Bugs Bunny, which made perfect sense at the time (along with her aspirations to be a princess).

After completing her GCSES and A Levels at Doha College, Maryam set off to the University of Manchester where she breezed through a Law LLB degree. She knew that even if she didn’t settle down as a lawyer, her studies would give her a strong background for whatever she wanted to do (especially when it comes to research and strategy). Not just a pretty face, eh?

This easy-going, talkative gal, fondly known as “Marmo” worked as a paralegal in South East Asia before joining our UK team. Why the interwebs? Marmo says she loves that digital’s constantly evolving as well as its influence in shaping opinions and perspectives of brands.

She can’t live without Big Boston Picture Photo Blog, Stereomode and Time online and when she’s not sharing her thoughts and wisdom on her blog, Marmo’s sinking her teeth into Vampire TV shows or chocolate.

“Life is too short to eat bad food” ~ Maryam Samee