Emma Carpenter

Creative Director & Morph Fan

Emma Carpenter

Emma Carpenter, or ‘Em’ as she is often referred to, is the Creative Director at the Cape Town QuirkStation, bringing with her a great British sense of humour and years of experience from AKQA in London and Ogilvy in Cape Town.

As a child at school in London, Emma idolised Tony Hart and his plasticine stop-motion creation, Morph. From a young age, Emma knew that she wanted to be an artist and spent much of her youth sketching and drawing. Years later, design seemed like the ideal creative medium for her already bright future.

In 1995, Emma completed the Foundation Course at the famous Central Saint Martins College of Art in before leaving for the Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall. Emma graduated in 1999 with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design and Communication, specialising in typography.

Heavy Metal:

The Bookmarks 2015
Finalist: Individual and Team Awards (Best Creative/Designer/Copywriter/Content Writer)

The Loerie Awards 2014
Bronze: Capitec Bank (Digital and Interactive: Website)

The Mobile Marketing Awards 2014
Gold: Hungry Lion Bigger Burger Banner (Enabling Technology: Innovation)

Assegai Awards 2014
Gold: Capitec Bank #AskWhy (Online: Banners, Micro sites, Websites and Other)
Silver: Capitec Bank Website (Online: Banners, Micro sites, Websites and Other)

The Webby Awards (New York) 2013
Honoree: Col’Cacchio Price Slice

The Bookmarks Awards 2013
Bronze: Woolworths (Commercial and Retail Mobile Sites)

Bronze: Woolworths (Ecommerce)

Bronze: Savanna (Social, Community & PR)

Hermes Awards (USA) 2012
Gold: Capitec Infographic Mailers

Communicator Awards (New York) 2012
Award of Excellence: Savanna Lemon Lovin'

Award of Distinction: Capitec Bank Newsletter

The Bookmarks Awards 2012
Silver: Shield for Men (Social, Community and PR – Social Media Properties)

Bronze: Durbanville Hills Adopt a Vine (Email Marketing, Email Campaign)

Bronze: Hunter’s (Social, Community and PR, Social Media Properties)

Bronze: Col’Cacchio pizzeria Price Slice (Social, Community and PR, Social Media Campaigns)

The John Caples International Awards (New York) 2011
Silver: Warner Bros. Hogwarts Wizarding Class (Best Use of Technology)

The Davey Awards (New York) 2011
Gold: BrandsEye Infographic (Online Film and Video, Infomercial)

Gold: Woolworths Living Wall (Online Advertising and Marketing, Viral Marketing)

Gold: Savanna Lemon Lovin' (Online Advertising and Marketing, Viral Marketing)

Silver: Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky (Websites, Food & Beverage)

Silver: Savanna, Marry for a Million (Online Advertising and Marketing, Microsite)

Silver: Capitec Bank Budgetanator (Online Advertising and Marketing Game or Application)
Silver: Savannagrams (Online Advertising and Marketing, Viral Marketing)less

The Bookmarks Awards 2011
Best in show: Capitec Bank Infographic Newsletters (Email Marketing)

Gold: Capitec Bank Infographic Newsletters (Email Marketing)

Silver: Quirk Education Videos (Online Video & Audio. Pod/Videocasts)

Bronze: Savanna Lemon Lovin’ (Community & PR. Social Media Platforms)

The Loerie Awards 2010
Silver: Warner Bros. Hogwarts Wizarding Class (Digital, Microsite)

The Bookmarks Awards 2010
Silver: Warner Bros. Hogwarts Wizarding Class (Digital Marketing Social Media)

The FWA (UK) 2009
Site of the Day: Warner Bros. Hogwarts Wizarding Class

Campaign Digital Awards (London) 2006
Winner: Sainsbury's Your Ideas (Best Relationship Marketing Programme)

The BIMA Awards (London) 2006
Shortlisted: Sainsbury's Your Ideas (Best Community Website or Campaign)

Revolution Awards (London) 2006
Finalist: Sainsburys.co.uk (Best Brand Building Using Digital Channels and Best Online Retailer)

IVCA Biznet Awards (London) 2004
Winner: The London Stock Exchange Media Centre (Business to Business)

Quirky Facts
: Emma’s a qualified French paratrooper (the second British woman to gain French Parachute wings) and has jumped the British DZs at Normandy and Arnhem under round canopy as part of the WW2 60th anniversary commemorations. She prefers pounding the ground to flinging herself out of planes these days and has tackled the Comrades Marathon - three times! She also spends much of her time (and money) renovating her Austin Mini. Some of her favourite websites include The BBC, Creative Review, Fast Company, The Inspiration and, of course, Mini Spares.

“Open to suggestions.”Emma Carpenter

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