Carmia Lureman

CRM Strategist & Batty About Backpacking

Carmia Lureman

Carmia Lureman joined Cape Town’s QuirkStation in April as our first ever dedicated Email Marketing Champion within the Engage Team. After honing her skills, she gained the shiny new title of CRM Strategist - ensuring our brands connect with their audiences. Growing up, she’d watch Brakkenjan while dreaming of becoming a ballet dancer, but after school she abandoned ballet shoes for the books and set off to UCT. Carmia completed her BA in Drama, English and Media and, whilst working, got a Diploma in the Principles of Branding at Vega.

Before joining Quirk, Carmi, worked in online marketing for an ESP before she caught the attention of our Head Ginger himself. She chose a life online as there’s always something on the go and no room to get bored!

She likes blue (‘cause it makes her eyes pop) and can’t spend a day without iGoogle, Mail & Guardian, Evernote and her Jack Russell, Dharma. She also occasionally crushes on a certain tall, outspoken 5FM DJ.

This walking-restaurant guide would spend her ideal day off with a cuppa tea and her RSS reader before a bit of second-hand book hunting, a walk on the beach and drinks with friends in the evening. If she had her way, she’d standardise email clients and browsers across all devices to make rendering issues a thing of the past! Viva the Champ!

“Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted.” ~ John Lennon

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