Alia Vahed

Middleweight Strategic Planner & Third Hemisphere

Alia Vahed

The lovely, rationally irrational Alia Vahed joined the Quirk Jozi crew in April 2012.

Alia grew up under the impression that her dad was the youngest person to walk the moon and had also given up a professional football career to marry her mummy dear. Oh the naivety of the young! She didn’t aspire to outshining her paternal hero but wished instead to pursue a career on the back of a Coca Cola delivery truck (?).

Alia left school and her childhood aspirations behind and began studying a BSC Applied Maths and Computer Science at Rhodes University. She then scooped her National Diploma in Three Dimensional Design at UJ. Not to be outdone, Ally finally completed her PGCE FET in Math and Design.

When she’s not building her career with yet another degree, or hanging up her laundry in rainbow colour order, Alia adds to her own personal library. She also sports a pet, in the form of a piece of wood shaped like Kenny from South Park. True story.

“Knowledge is power”

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