How To Use eMarketing to Attract Talent to Your Organisation

By Damian Burke on 2009/03/10

Finding staff to hire can be quite a hassle and a little ad in the classifieds section of the local newspaper just won't cut it anymore. Why should you use the Internet and eMarketing to advertise openings? Well, it's cheap, quick, broad and usually more successful than a static newspaper advert.

Being Visible, On Site and Off

Being visible is the key to any successful online endeavour, if you don't show up in the SERPs or aren't an active member of a social networking community, there's little chance of you being noticed by potential employees.

Create a presence by being in the right place at the right time. Knowing where your ideal audience is already active is essential in finding potential employees. Other important online resources include recruiting agencies, industry related forums, message boards and other discussion channels.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is essential if you're wanting to use your website as a human resources tool. Optimise the employment section of your website with keywords relevant to the employment cause and harness some of the traffic from job seekers. So many people search for jobs online that it would be a complete waste not to.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

To cover more ground, it might be a good idea to run a PPC campaign for your employment processes. Cheaper than traditional advertising and more likely to generate a lead, using the right keywords will ensure that your advert is placed at the top or to the right of the organic SERPs.

Social Networking Sites

Advertise the position on your website and/or blog and be sure to post it on as many popular social networking sites as possible (Facebook, Twitter etc.) - all linking back to your site featuring more additional information and contact details. Websites such as LinkedIn allow you to network with professionals from all over the globe. Search for these types of sites, as well as the personal websites and blogs of potential employees and contact them with a link to your advertised position.

Industry Peers

Discuss the jobs with industry peers and your current staff by asking them about candidates they may know. This way, you can spread the word about your open position and, in the process, about your company itself.


Remember that when advertising a position, you don't only have to appeal to the potential employee. When talking to industry peers about the position, make mention of a finder's fee and you'll likely have more CVs to choose from.

Internship Programs

If you're looking for interns or fresh minds in general, it may be a good idea to look at the local university and educational facility websites. Join forums or discussion groups and interact with the users to be top of mind in employer favourites.

Set the Tone of Your Job Ad

Publicise the benefits of employment at your company. Highlight the incentives, mention remuneration to fringe benefits (such as fridge benefits), potential for promotions and career advancement and also be sure to mention any possible education opportunities.

Be realistic with your employment offers. Find out the going industry rate for the position, in order to attract professionals with an appropriate remuneration figure.

Provide candidates with as much information as possible. Not only with this deter under-qualified or under-experienced candidates from applying, but will increase your chances of finding the employees with the right combinations of skills.

Surfing the Job Market

You don't have to just advertise your open vacancies. This way you are able to keep attracting candidates and up the number of skilled staff in your organisation.

Generate a database of employee candidates through your website. Allow your website users to create their own profile, upload their CV and provide information about why they feel they're ideal for a position at your company. We do this via WannaWork@Quirk which is our in-house HR tool.

Interact with potential employees in your industry. This interaction will make your company more memorable. Invite these professionals to events, lectures or other occasions when you are able show them how you do business.

Publicise your open positions and recent appointments in your email newsletters or other subscriber based communications. A link to the employment section of your website under the most important news stories and articles can do a lot - but remember to make both the email newsletter and the employment page on your website or blog easy for the user to share.

Then, when you're ready to hire a new employee, you already have a database of people to contact - potential employees who are obviously already interested in a position at your company.

Publicise the New Employee

Once you have found the perfect employee, publish the news on your website and/or blog as well as on Social Media and professional networking sites in much the same way as you did with the original employment advert.

This will take your image as an employer one step further and will make the entire process of finding staff that much easier in the future.

Meet our team of talented QuirkStars and good luck with your recruitment plans.