A bit about MWEB:

MWEB is one of South Africa’s largest Internet Service Providers.

Since MWEB was founded in 1997, its sole mission has been to unlock the full potential of the Internet for its customers by delivering an online experience that is fast, simple, reliable and tailored to the needs of each customer, whether a home or business user.

MWEB is at the forefront of Internet research and development, always looking for new ways to delight its customer with constant innovation and superior service. MWEB currently serves 320 000 South African users through its MWEB and MWEB Business divisions.

Quirk are very excited to have worked alongside MWEB with their 'Free the Web South Africa' campaign. We managed to build up a following of fans ahead of  launch with anticipation of whats to come.

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What MWEB have to say:


Since choosing Quirk at the end of December 2009 to work with MWEB on the launch of Uncapped ADSL, we have not looked back. After a lot of hard work, long nights, day-to-day constant interaction at all levels in Quirk and MWEB, we delivered an incredibly successful marketing campaign that helped shape the future of MWEB and how we interact with our customers. Quirk understood the business objectives and were as eager to achieve them as we were, but they took this one step further in advising on strategies post launch. We now have an active online community providing MWEB with real-time online advice and feedback that surpassed any expectations for the marketing campaign. 5 months later and we are still working very closely with Quirk... It's not all been easy, but they are always on call and their dedication has never faltered. They are an agency who will be involved in shaping the brand into the future

Carolyn Holgate, General Manager,

What we do for MWEB:

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