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Quirk is now Mirum

Caltex #KeepItGoing

Our job was to bring Caltex's - It's how you get there message to life using digital tools and we chose to do this using 3 classics, 1 petrol head, R40 000 in cash prizes and a 3-leg socially-powered road trip to be housed on Facebook, Mobile, Twitter and the open road.

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Dove Creates a Community of Real Beauties

As a major global brand, Dove has enjoyed a powerful presence in the ATL and social space. Our challenge was to establish a local social media presence for Dove that answered the unique needs of the brand's South African context.

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When Capitec Bank asked us to support their new brand TVC which encourages South Africans to question the highly contentious topic of banking, we built #AskWhy a platform to harness the contentious topic to create an empowered community.

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Reimagining Woolworths Online

Quirk was approached to create an online destination that shoppers wanted to engage with, found easy and intuitive to use, and ultimately drive online sales. But how do you provide the elegant Woolies instore experience online? A hard act to follow.

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Chamber of Mines of South Africa Social Properties - What's yours is mined

Despite being one of the country's largest economic contributors, mining in South Africa is either viewed through a highly politicised lens or ignored altogether as uninteresting.

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Sun International Organic Search Campaign

Our challenge was to increase the organic traffic in the highly competitive space of online travel. Our goal was to grow the traffic visiting the Sun International website through the multiple property sub-pages on the site.

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Caltex Love Road Trips Social Media Campaign

South Africans love road trips! One of the country's most famous routes is the one between Cape Town and Johannesburg. Even though it is the route most travelled, there is a lot to see and do on the road that people don't know about.

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Woolworths Always-on ECommerce PPC Media Campaign 2014

The Woolworths Always-on campaign was awarded a Silver Bookmark in 2013, but we were convinced we could make it even better - driving more revenue and an even higher ROI.

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Lesley Southgate