Quirk Education releases latest edition of digital marketing textbook

The fourth and latest edition of eMarketing: the essential guide to digital marketing has hit the shelves. This comprehensive guide to digital marketing is now available to anyone wishing to improve their knowledge of online marketing and ultimately, their bottom line.

With 22 chapters, the textbook looks at the entire process of digital marketing, from devising a strategy through to optimising a campaign.

The textbook was created in collaboration with the Quirk digital marketing experts and is a true reflection of the world of online marketing. As Quirk Group CEO, Rob Stokes says, ”the textbook is based 100% on experience and not on guesswork or research,” he adds “our goal with the textbook is to make everyone in the world better marketers, not just digital marketers.”

Designed as a tool to encourage career advancement and business growth, the eMarketing textbook embraces a hands-on approach to marketing through digital channels. It includes real life case studies to illustrate how the various principles can and do work to improve business outcomes in practical application.

Split into four unique sections: Think Create, Engage and Optimise (TCEO), the eMarketing textbook uses the Quirk digital marketing agency’s working model. This model allows readers to get to grips with the interaction between the different areas of digital marketing, making sense of this rapidly developing field. The eMarketing textbook offers the perfect starting point for anyone unfamiliar with digital.

Quirk Education also believes strongly in knowledge sharing which is why eMarketing: the essential guide to digital marketing is licensed under a Creative Commons licence and is available for free download via the Quirk Education textbook website: http://www.quirk.biz/emarketingtextbook.

For those passionate individuals and organisations who want their own printed copies, the textbook can also be purchased via Quirk Education’s website or from selected book stores.

Testimonials for the book

“The textbook is not only a great resource, but has been fundamental to increasing the profile and education around digital marketing within South Africa. The industry as a whole should be grateful for the impact it has made” Sean Hidden, Digital Media Manager, Distell.

“The perfect starting point for anyone entering the world of online marketing...truly impressive.” Stafford Masie, Formerly: Country Manager, Google South Africa.

The digital marketing course

Quirk Education also offers a distance-learning digital marketing course certified by the USB Executive Development Ltd of the University of Stellenbosch Business School. This course is based on the textbook and coupled with the Quirk digital marketing accreditation exam, provides aspiring online marketers with the edge necessary to begin a successful online career.

To find out more about the eMarketing textbook or Quirk Education’s courses visit  http://www.quirk.biz/courses or contact +27 (0)21 462 7353.