Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online marketing tactic where the marketer places a text advert alongside relevant search results on the SERPs. The position of the advert is determined through a bidding system whereby, in simple terms, the highest bidder gets the top position. The marketer only pays for the advert when the person searching, clicks on the link to visit the advertised site.

Quirk specialises in holistic online marketing solutions. The major benefit of utilising Quirk's PPC marketing and Pay Per Click services is that your campaign is targeted directly to people who have shown interest in your product / service and you only pay once a potential customer actually visits your site via the PPC advert. You are in full control of your campaign and any changes you make to adverts or keywords are effective immediately.

Quirk's Pay Per Click Services

A PPC campaign is an excellent supplement to natural search efforts (where your site appears in the search results because of its relevance to the search terms). It is also an effective way to achieve a marketing goal (a customer fills a form or purchases a product). PPC is not about trying to attract someone's attention and spread brand awareness, although this benefit does exist; it's about offering your product/service when a potential customer is looking for it.

Quirk has met Google's requirements to attain recognition as a Qualified Google Advertising Agency, and are proud to be the first company in Africa to become an Authorised Google Analytics Consultancy.

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