Tracking your Email Marketing Campaign

This is where our email service really comes in to its own. If something about your email can be tracked, we can track it and, more importantly, report on these stats in a user-friendly manner. This means that there are no mind-boggling lists of confusing numbers to sift through. Furthermore our stats are delivered in real time so you can literally log on to your MyQuirk account and watch the graphs change as your campaign unfolds.

The important thing about stats is to use them to improve your email marketing campaign. Statistics regarding your users' email behaviour are imperative in refining your campaigns to boost ROI to the max. This is often done by managing a series of split tests. These include measuring subject lines, copy style, email length and font size amongst many other variables. Other stats like the average open rate, click rate and user-preferred format (HTML or plain text) are further metrics we test for.

Contact us to assist you in making decisions that positively affect your email campaign efforts in the future. Our email reporting system provides live detailed reports on delivery status, click through rates, open rates, unsubscribe rates, pass-on rates, profile page access and geospatial distribution mapping. These reports are available on an aggregate basis and can be drilled down to subscriber level. Live graphing and downloadable PDF summaries are also a feature. Reports can also be downloaded in CSV format for deeper statistical analysis.

Contact us today to find our more about how our solid and efficient tracking and reporting services can benefit enormously you.