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Quirk is now Mirum
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about Rob Stokes

Rob founded Quirk way back before eMarketing was a household name and allowed us to coin all the cool terms relating to online. (Yes, eMarketing is a little “e”, big “M” – ‘cos we say so!) Like so many of the QuirkStars, Rob attended UCT, doing a Business Science degree in Marketing. His thesis on Email Marketing sparked big ideas and those ideas soon became big realities – offices in Cape Town, Joburg and London big. Rob is an eMarketing specialist as well as Quirk’s MD and travels the country educating people about the possibilities hidden online. And he’s a ginger. Did we mention that important part? Most likely to be Heard Saying Around the QuirkStation Anything he likes. He is the boss. Secret Reason for Wanting to Work @ Quirk Rob claims that the only reason he works at Quirk is because he founded the place and is stuck with it. We disagree – it’s all because of us QuirkStars and how kind we are to him even though he is a ginger.

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